1st Seoul International Book Arts Competition Awards Result.
Received   Name Title Awards Country
A0215 Sumi Perera(Dr.) Clothes Encounters of the Third Kind Best UK
A0131 Eun-kung Park Antic Porcket Excellent   Korea
A0245 Radoslaw Nowakowski Sienkiewicza Street in Kielce Excellent Poland
A0128 Kung-mi Lee Seeking Bronze Korea
A0158 Jin-sook Kang The small tree story Bronze Korea
A0206 Helen Douglas Illiers Combray Bronze Scottland
A0233 Robbin Ami Silverberg I write what I know on one side of the page and what I don't know on the other side   Bronze USA
A0235 David Ferry Picture History of England Bronze UK
A0113 Youg- koo Lee The Snow Queen Finalist Korea
A0123 Young-na kim The graphic Experiment. Finalist Korea
A0127 Jung-eun Lim A cube 05 Apr. Finalist Korea
A0145 Kung-jin Yoo The rose of Sharon is Booming Finalist Korea
A0159 Ha-ran Kim Stained Letters Finalist Korea
A0175 Joo-yeon An The Telegraph Pole Finalist Korea
A0179 Woon-wha Park My Apple looks like a Butterfly! Finalist Korea
A0180 Uoon-hee Kang etc,, 현홍초 Finalist Korea
A0182 Jung- ah Kim Jazz & Music Finalist Korea
A0202 Irene Woodbury You tell me II : Hole commentaries on the Rorschach ink blot test and color thedry Finalist USA
A0203 Tim Mosely Off with this favourite cows Finalist Australia
A0207 John Brebner Pili' by Piikea Clarke and Sue Pearson Finalist New Zealand  
A0217 Jackie Batey(Dr.) Running a Secret Society No. 20 Finalist UK
A0224 Sandy Sykes Paradise is always where you've been Finalist UK
A0229 Rokyo Adachi Walking on alley in the sky Finalist Japan
A0230 Linda Landers A New Dawn Finalist UK
A0234 Katharine Nix The Garden Finalist Australia
A0236 Sarah Bodman Viola Finalist UK
A0238 Uta Schneider Ulrike Stolz   Boundless Finalist Germany
A0246 Anne Maree Hunter Pillow Book Finalist Australia
1. The competition whole outline

   We received support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to commemorate the Korea Publishers Association's
   2nd Seoul International Book Arts Fair in 2005 and exhume a domestic and foreign excellent Bookartist, and to attempt
   an elevation of a domestic Book arts level and planned competition.
   We expect to raise an interest of the public about Book arts by doing this, and achieve continuous development of Book arts industry.
   We really ask a favor with a lot of interests of domestic and foreign bookartists'.

2. Competition Whole Summary

   - Participators Qualifications : People who are interested in Book Arts.
                                              General and a university & college student, foreign bookartist
   - Size : As for the size of a work, only a work weight less then 2kg is possible also wSithin 60cm X 60cm X 60cm.
               However any installation work and the material which can be fragile or dangerous used, will not be accepted.
   - Receipt Period : March 2nd,2005 ~ March 30th,2005
   - Bureau : Korean Publishers Association, International Cooperation Department 105-2, Sagandong Jongrogu Seoul(110-190) - S.Korea -
                  Tel : 02-735-2702
   - Receipt Way : Postal receipt or directly visit
   - Receipt Fee : None
   - Awards
      The Best Award (One Person) - Prize money 2,000,000 won and a medal
      Excellent Awards(Two People) ?Prize money 1,000,000 won and a medal
      Bronze Awards (five people) ? Prize money 500,000 won and a medal
      Finalist (Twenty people) ? Medal & Souvenir
   - Examination Standard : The contents of the work should be unprecedented and an idea should be attractive to a Book arts work.
      The work should have function and format which you can open and close regular book than object installation.
   - Examination Announcement : April 15th(Friday),2005.
      Korean Publishers Association (www.kpa21.or.kr)
      Bookpress (www.bookarts.pe.kr)
   - Award Ceremony : June 3rd(friday), 2005.Seoul International Book Arts Fair Exhibition Hall in Coex Pacific Hal l(unsettled)

   *All winning piece of work will be display at the exhibition hall during the 2nd Seoul International Book Arts Fair.

   - Work carrying out
      Defeat Work : May 2nd, 2005. ~ May 14th, 2005.
      Selected Work : June 9th,2005. ~ June 23th,2005.
      Carrying Out: visits directly( An identification card or receipt require ) and send to local and aborad.(free postal charge)
   - Supported by : The Ministry of Culture and Tourism

   * Details of the schedule may be partly adjusted according to circumstances of the host organization.
   * In case, accidental damage of a work during the convey occurs, but does not take the responsibility on a loss.